Interested in Becoming A Vendor?

Want to start your own business but keep your overhead to a minimum?  Consider becoming a vendor at the Waterside Market!  We have a great family of vendors that would love to have you join us! 


Vendor Testimonials

Heres what the vendors have to say...

Patricia, Trisha's Closet

I love vintage clothing and items from another era!  Come and See Trisha's Closert is a great spot to supplement your wardrobe with unique items from days gone by.

Deb, Waterside Bistro

I love to cook.  And nothing makes me happier than to have people enjoy my food!  I like to do things a little different, but give it a try, you won't be disappointed!.

Sandie, Waterside Bakery

I came out of retirement to open my bakeery at the Market.  After exploring different options, I'm so happy I came to Waterside.  I  love that my customers visit weekly for breaz, pies and other sweet treats!  

Monthly Vendor Rates

Join The Waterside Familly

8' x 5' rental (10)

$100 + HST 

10' x 12' rental (5)

$200 + HST

8' x 8' rental (16)

$125 + HST

16' x 10' rental (2)

$250 + HST

8' x 12' rental (2)

$175 + HST

Weekly Vendor Rates

For The On The Go Vendor

Daily indoor rental

Saturday $35 + HST 
Sunday $35 + HST

Daily Outdoor rental 

Saturday $20 + HST 
Sunday $20 + HST

Weekend rentals 

Indoor $60 + HST
Outdoor $30 + HST


Important Documents 
Vendor Information Package
Licence Agreement 
Vendor Guide + Terms & Conditions

Vendor Access

Your Day to get Things Done.

Fridays : 12PM-4PM

Arrange with management for extra time.


Building your Booth

You will be solely responsible for the construction of your booth based on criteria provided by the management.
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